Group Classes

Group Classes

At Nosey Barker our priority is to train your dog to be the best possible fit for your life style and family.

We understand that most people acquire a dog for companionship and that is why our emphasis is on building a solid, trusting, fun and co-operative relationship between your family and your pooch.

Our classes cover a range of skills and behaviours to enhance the life of your dog as well as you. A happy, physically and mentally stimulated dog truly can be magical.

Areas that we cover:

Focus, following instructions, loose lead walking, reliable recall, scent work, basic positions such as sit and down, tricks, manners including politeness around food and visitors and much much more……

Our classes are taught in Harlow and Gilston which is perfect for immediate locals but also those living in West Essex, Bishops Stortford, East and North London.

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