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Puppy Packages

Congratulations on your new family member! Getting a new puppy is a really exciting time but it can also be quite overwhelming, especially if this is your first pup. At Nosey Barker we offer a ra...

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Group Classes

At Nosey Barker our priority is to train your dog to be the best possible fit for your life style and family. We understand that most people acquire a dog for companionship and that is why our emp...

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Nosey Sniffers

Your dog has an amazing nose! Did you know that their sense of smell dominates their brain? Your dog uses their sense of smell to help them identify with the world around them in the same way that ...

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Workshops are ideal for busy families that cannot commit to weekly classes or perfect for trying a new activity before signing up to a course. These workshops also benefit you and your dog as top u...

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Trick Dawg

Tricks are the best fun, mentally stimulating, great for improving your relationship, building confidence and increasing focus. As well as offering Trick Dawg workshops as tasters we offer you two ...

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One-to-One Training

Training support is ideal for families wanting private tuition for behaviours such as polite manners, loose lead walking, appropriate behaviour when visitors arrive, socialisation, appropriate play...

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Sports Classes

Get involved with our Agility, Hoopers and Canicross classes. Perfect for busy dogs, improves focus, fitness and strengthens your bond.  We are lucky to have permission to use some amazing lo...

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Behaviour Support

Sometimes dogs develop behavioural problems that need extra time and support. Our experts are able to work alongside you and if appropriate other canine professionals (such as your vet or groomer)....

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Dog Walking

When you sign your dog up to our dog walking adventures you are guaranteeing them a fantastic time. They will be able to explore their local hangout with their amazing nose, perhaps enjoy some comm...

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