Poo bags

Poo bags
  • 180 Poop bags made from plants. Our biodegradable poop bags are made from corn starch and are an environmentally friendly way to dispose of dog waste. These bags comply with European Standard EN13432. Poop bags are always going to be a single use item so lets help the issue using bags made from plants.
  • Our bags are Bioplastic, made of plant-based materials. They give off CO2 as they decompose, but they’re merely expelling carbon locked in by the plant matter that originally formed them.
  • Not all ‘green’ bags are as environmentally friendly as they seem. Some are made from similar petrochemical-based materials to conventional plastic, only with compounds added that cause them to disintegrate gradually in the presence of light or oxygen. They can degrade into a sludge of toxic chemicals, or break down into micro plastics.
  • Sorry but there are no pretty pictures on our bags, nor do they smell of perfume as this just adds materials used and increases the pollution in their production.
  • Our bags are made in China so do have some miles on them, but in order to make them an affordable alternative to the usual plastic 'eco' bags its a necessary evil.
  • Make your good intentions count. Plant based bags are softer and have a latex feel. If your current 'Eco' bags feel like plastic bags then chances are they are bags made from plastic. Although they may breakdown faster than normal bags, they don't break down into the right things.
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