Our recommended products to setup and support you and your puppy



If your breeder used puppy pads we recommend continuing while you toilet train. Another option is a artificial lawn indoor toilet or you could use plain old newspaper. Don’t forget if your puppy has a little accident to clean it with a pet safe cleaner.





We have a selection of bowls below. We found that most dogs do not like metal bowls and we prefer china for food and water. We have put a eco friendly plastic bowl. One that fixes to the dog cage, this means it can be placed off the ground preventing the puppy treading in it. Some bigger dogs may need a higher bowl so we have added a weighted one, the weight helps to minimise the chances of your pup knocking it around while drinking.




Cage And Pen

We recommend crate training your puppy and using pens to give them a play space. As they get older you can remove the pen.




Baby Gate

You may need one, or even four baby gates! these are great management tools to help keep your puppy safe and protect your relationship, after all we dont want the puppy to have a accident, go up the stairs, get under our feet when we are busy, interact with young children unsupervised or even pester an older dog who was happy relaxing at the time