Recall In person

Recall In person

'Come, come, come here! Come baaaaack!'

Does this sound like you when they are distracted by;
  • a scent
  • flying leaf
  • other dogs
  • people
  • squirrels

Or maybe you haven't had the confidence to let them off lead yet?

Do you dream of a time when your dog can enjoy off lead freedom and you
know they are going to return when you ask?

If you answered YES - you are in the right place!


By signing up to our Really Reliable Recall course you are taking the first step to a fuller and happier life for you and your dog.

You will be working towards off lead freedom, improved focus and your dog following instructions which will bring the magic you once dreamed of!

The course comes with;
  • 6 week intensive training of which 5 are in person classes in Harlow
  • Video library of training support
  • Expert coaching and support in our exclusive Facebook group
  • FREE weekly visit to our enclosed training ground to practice (worth £65)
  • Starter kit containing a longline, toy and treats (worth £35)
  • Access to the live online version of the course (worth £59)

The first class is online and will take place Thursday 2nd June at 8pm. It will be recorded in case you are unable to make it.

Choose from the calendar which in person classes you would like to attend
Recall In person

£99.00 per dog

Sorry, no classes are currently available.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified about forthcoming classes.