Kong Classic, Westpaw & K9 connectables

Pups and dogs NEED to chew! Providing chewing opportunities for puppies helps with teething, pain relief and boredom. Giving them appropriate things to chew prevents your puppy/dog from chewing and destroying your home. We recommend using interactive KONG Classic, West Paw and K9 connectables.



Kong snow leopard and interactive toys

PLAY! Hands down the KONG Snow Leopard is our most favourite toy! It’s fabulously long so there is less chance of your fingers being nipped. It has sensory squeaks, crinkles and textures and of course it’s beautiful! For interactive play where the pups play without our interaction we have a selection of toys we like



JW Hol-Ee Roller

These are great for your pups to play with as they come. You could tie fleece on to create a snuffle ball, stuff fleece with some treats inside for dogs to dissect. You can even put long lasting chews or even toys inside for the dog to get out. We recommend supervision if you are adding things to the ball for safety. The Jw brand are certified non toxic which is good to know if your pup does chew it.



Canine enrichment book

If your dog could choose a book for you to read it would surely be this one. Behaviorist, Shay Kelly shows you how to become your dog’s best friend by providing simple, fun activities to spark their mind and enrich their life


Snuffle mat and scent cones

Snuffle mats are great, they get your dogs to use their nose. they are something you could make but we don’t always have the time to make them. Another alternative is scent cones, these are great to hide treats or toys under to get your dogs nose working.