Mind The Gap by Amber Batson

Mind The Gap by Amber Batson
“Mind the gap: exploring the links between body, brain and behaviour in the dog”
This 4 part webinar will have an up to date delve into the connections between body and brain and why that matters in relation to providing the best emotional and physical health & wellbeing for our pet dogs. 
How is it that the brain and body are connected and communicate to one another?  Where are we with understanding the role of the “gut bugs” in health and behaviour ... and we know a lot about this fascinating topic now!

We will consider the dog nose ... how does using it in day to day life and scent work opportunities affect the brain and body?

How does stress, diet, exercise, sleep affect the gut, the rest of the body and the brain?  What changes can we make in a dogs life and training that may influence this for better or worse?#

How does disease affect behaviour?  What can we do to recognise certain health or pain issues and get them resolved or under control more efficiently?  How much can the environment and activity of a dog influence their health?  Does neutering or medicines or supplements affect behaviour, and if so, how?

We will have a look at practical tips on how we can live alongside our dog in a way that helps them achieve optimal balance in body and brain in a way that provides better opportunities for the most desirable behaviour or that sets us on a path to start truly addressing issues that already exist.