Welcome to the Zen Zone

The Zen Zone is a safe place for you and your dog to explore away from shared public spaces. It has been developed specifically to foster calming emotion and behaviour by encouraging your dog to use their incredible sense of smell.

Dogs learn largely about the world through their nose, sniffing everything they possibly can which sometimes can be frustrating when you are in a rush. But imagine not being able to use your eyes? The Zen Zone provides precious time for you and your dog to slow down, chill out and enjoy sensory enrichment.

What kind of dog is Zen Zone for?

  • Dogs suffering from noise sensitivity
  • Dogs that sometimes feel nervous, anxious or shy
  • Dogs with lots of energy or over excited
  • Dogs who simply enjoy their own space!
  • Dogs who LOVE to use their nose

What kind of owner is Zen Zone for?

  • You want to improve your dog’s confidence
  • You want to help promote calmness in your dog
  • You find training tricky to put into place when you’re out on walks

What is included with Zen Zone?

  • 45 min single use of our sensory and activity zone
  • Bespoke enrichment tailored to your dog
  • Option to use extra equipment supplied at the ground

The area provides enrichment and mental stimulation as well as encourages problem solving skills, which helps keep the brain active. It builds confidence in a safe environment and inspires your dog to explore to a level they feel comfortable, there is no pressure to behave in a particular way other than what feels natural or safe to them.

The Zen Zone has different sections for you and you dog to enjoy:

Sensory garden – A self-selecting area containing plants and herbs for your dog to sniff or if they fancy they can even have a nibble! The plants are safe and are known to have calming or healing properties.

Sniffari – this area is changed every week to include new objects and scents for your dog to investigate. Your dog’s sniffing nerves are connected to the part of their brain responsible to processing emotions. By enabling positive experiences through sniffing your dog can feel good, happy and content.

Adventure – an area for your dog to explore different play equipment, heights and ways to use their body.

Sensory – different textures, materials and scents for your dog to investigate which includes puzzles for brain work.

Once you have booked you will be sent a welcome pack to guide you, let you know where to go and what to bring.

Please note: If you are booking for multiple dogs they need to be from the same home with a maximum of 2 each session. If you would like to book more please get in touch using our contact form.

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