Nosey Barker Academy, the best online dog training, enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

With our Nosey Barker Academy you can learn how to teach your dog to behave in a way you want at a day and time that fits into your lifestyle. We understand that attending weekly classes is impossible for some families but that doesn’t mean you don’t want a well behaved dog, right? The online Academy is perfect for people that want to learn from our experts and as you don’t need to travel, you can be anywhere in the world to access us.

Our friendly team of experts, deliver a weekly lesson as well as online coaching and expert advice in our exclusive Nosey Barker Academy facebook group. Our Director Kim Kaye does a live video every month on real life issues, giving behaviour theory and practical solutions to what can sometimes be challenging behaviour. There is also a world class guest speaker every month which you will have exclusive access to.

There is also a library of tutorials so that you can learn how to train your puppy/dog to do exactly what you want at any time. Whether that is how to train your puppy to toilet in the garden, build your rescue dogs confidence or teach your teenaged hooligan some manners! We have a tutorial to help you and are available to support you every step of the way.

We think the relationship between you and your dog should be fun, and the journey you take to train your dog can help build a wonderful relationship. Our training techniques are reward based and proven by science to not only be effective but harness the magic that having a dog in your life can bring.

“I really like the online aspect as Nosey Barker are about an hour away from me so quite a long way to travel. Plus I don’t always feel like going out after a long day at work but need the motivation of having a class or schedule to follow with my training.”
Rachel Galimore Via Facebook

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