Do you need someone to pop in for an hour to your puppy whilst you go to work or busy for a few hours?

Managing the time before your puppy can go for walk (pre-vaccination) and up until 6 months can be really tough. Whether you are signing up to our walking adventures or need cover for an odd day here and there our puppy pop ins are a great solution

Your developing puppy shouldn’t be over exercised as it can cause abnormal physical development and from a behaviour point of view can be too overwhelming and too arousing! Ever seen a dog that has been out and exercised for hours only to come home and do zoomies and bounce off the front room ceiling?

Yep, you have got it, it was too stimulating.

The Kennel Club recommend five minutes of exercise per month of your puppies life twice per day.

What you get with our puppy pop ins
Fully qualified trainer
Help and support with toileting
Teaching good manners
Mental stimulation and enrichment
We can feed them
Keep them company

And when they are old enough we can start to take them out for short walks within the hour to help get them use to traffic travelling in vehicles, waiting at the road, not jumping up at people or at dogs.

Our puppy pop ins really support you and your family to bring up a well rounded puppy ready to explore the world in a way you can all enjoy.

Fantastic team couldn’t recommend enough! We used Nosey Barker from the first week of getting our first puppy. Kim helped immensely on puppy pop ins and some 1:1 training and helped my very excitable but uncertain pup gain a range of skills and confidence before starting walking adventures with Ryan. He truly looks forward to his time with them each week and receives a good balance of exercise/ training/ appropriate socialising. They are also on hand for any concerns I have had which is invaluable especially for new dog owners!!

J Stevens

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