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You want a happy and well behaved pup but don’t know where to start – don’t panic, we’re here to help!

Adding a puppy into your life is super exciting, but it can also be stressful.

You want a magical life with your cute puppy, you want them to be social, friendly, well behaved so that you can enjoy the best friendship in the world…
… but if your puppy seems to have different ideas, and often does the opposite of what you ask for example;

  • Stealing socks and pants or maybe trying to nick your lunch
  • Biting your hands, feet or beautiful furniture
  • terrorising your children, jumping up and stealing their toys
  • Peeing and pooping in your home
  • Not coming back when called, perhaps they think it’s game
  • Barking and whining for seemingly no reason

Then now really is the time to get the right support!

Your dream of having a puppy that:

  • listens to you and follows your instructions
  • keeps their 4 paws on the ground
  • Keeps their teeth off your skin and furniture
  • loves and adore you
  • is a delight to walk
  • a source of pride

Really is possible! We can teach you how to train them so you can enjoy the best life together.

While they’re under 12 months old, there is still time to help them improve their focus and listening skills – but the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes.


Who is Online Puppy School for?

  • People that want improve their pups behaviour, focus and listening skills
  • People that want to be proud of their puppy inside and outside of their home and enjoy fabulous adventures together
  • People who want a magical bond with their puppy, a best friend you dreamed of so you can explore the world
  • People who want to use kind, science-based training methods to enhance their bond. Of course you want to feel good about how you treat your puppy, they are part of your family
  • People who long to be proud of their pup and enjoy adventures together but don’t want to worry or stress that their pup is going to run away
  • People that want fun and enjoy learning new activities, after all why did you get a puppy?!

What kind of puppy is it for?

  • For any age puppy below 12 months because a puppies needs are different to older dogs
  • Puppies mouthing/biting furniture, hands, feet and body parts
  • Puppies that appear to have selective hearing, are running away when called or ignoring your cries!
  • Puppies that love learning and interacting with you, of course they do you are their Mum (or Dad)
  • Puppies that struggle in traditional class-room settings. Puppies learn best in low distraction environments so let’s set them and you up to succeed
  • Puppies displaying with low self-control, yes those pups that like to run off with your socks, beg for your Sunday roast are suffering from a lack of impulse control
  • Puppies who are shy, nervous or have low confidence
  • Over excited puppies, whilst cute as they get bigger the jumping up becomes more and more unacceptable. Those claws hurt!


Online Puppy school is an online course and Facebook support group, which will teach you – whether you’re a first timer or an old pro – all you need to know about looking after and training your puppy.


Watch this video explanation of what Online Puppy School is all about – from our Training coach and resident behaviourist, Kim

What’s included?

  • Lifetime access to over 90 easy to follow video tutorials so you can watch them over and over at a time that suits you and all your family
  • Printable tip sheets, worksheets, and links to recommended support equipment to prevent you from spending hundreds of pounds on stuff that just doesn’t work or help
  • Live Masterclass once per week to answer your burning questions in real time and provide you with additional tips, tricks, and trainer secrets – so you never have to feel lost or unsure
  • 6 months membership to our supportive, fun and friendly exclusive Facebook Puppy school community where you can share challenges, seek support and celebrate success.

Having a new puppy should be fun and it is but it is also very very time consuming and can be very stressful on times!
I was very lucky to come across Nosey Barker’ online puppy training group just over a week ago.

They have been a lifeline for me and Alfie cockapoo.
They are so easy to contact with specific queries and so far I have watched two live sessions where they have dealt with issues so important to puppy owners.
No question is too simple.
They answer them all with honesty, humour and practical advice.

This purchase is by far the best one I have made since buying Alfie himself!
Value for money and good advice on getting somewhere with my pup!

Ann Price Lloyd – April 26th 2020

We’re dedicated to supporting you every step of the way:

We understand puppies can be hard work – and it can be exhausting and tiring! We will work with you through all of these challenges so you get to fast track to the joyous bond and sense of adventure that only comes from sharing your life with a dog much quicker!

The wizardry of our online puppy school is the answer to all of your questions, concerns and training needs; all at the touch of a button in the comfort of your own home.

Online puppy school fits with your schedule and removes the headache of balancing work, home-life, children, hobbies etc. You can learn at your own pace, pause, rewind, re-watch, revisit and share with your whole family to create an effective and successful approach.

We are so passionate about helping you raise a social, friendly and well-behaved puppy, we even invite you to join our exclusive Puppy School community – a facebook group of like-minded puppy owners, who can help, support and cheer you on.

We brought our 8 week old puppy home as lockdown started.
As new puppy owners we had little idea about dogs, just that we wanted Mabel to be our best friend, part of our family, and a well-behaved dog that wasn’t a nuisance to other people or dogs.

Nosey Barker’s Puppy School was a life-saver!
Their training and support modules and live seminars showed us kind and gentle training methods in bite-sized pieces that we could easily follow and practice.

We were able to tackle issues like toileting and biting that were becoming frankly a bit exhausting! They are our go-to reference point for all puppy issues and problems.

We would definitely recommend them for any puppy owners. A huge thank you from Helen, Mick, and Mabel!

Helen Williams – June 18th 2020


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