Getting a new puppy is really exciting but can also feel quite overwhelming, you want to get everything right and be well prepared. But, there is so much conflicting advice about what you need, how to raise them and train them to be well behaved. How are you supposed to know what is right?

You probably have hundreds of questions and maybe even some concerns. You may want advice on how to prepare, what to buy, where they should sleep, how to socialise them? How to ensure they are a friendly family pet?

Perhaps you need help with puppy biting, chewing, nipping, crying, digging, being left alone or jumping up? Or maybe your puppy is a little older and you want to know how to train them to walk nicely on a lead instead of them pulling like a steam train. You might be considering letting your puppy off lead but you are worried they won’t come back?

This online puppy course covers all of the above and much much more! With over 50 video tutorials, guides and tip sheets we have the first 9 months of your puppies life covered!

Online training means that your whole family can access the videos at a time that suits them, you won’t need to balance work commitments, school, clubs, hobbies and general life chores. You can watch the videos and print off the tip sheets at a time that is convenient and go back and watch them over and over again!

Our FREE community Facebook group also allows you to ask any questions and share pictures and videos of your cute puppy and the training you are doing. Our friendly team of experts are ready and waiting to support you in any way we can.

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