8 week Course

At Nosey Baker our priority is to coach you to train your dog in the areas important to you so that you can enjoy your lives together. Maybe you have just finished puppy school, our beginner workshop or returning to training after a break?

Maybe you are experiencing some challenges with your teenaged dog, or perhaps you have adopted a rescue or maybe you have caught the training bug and want to continue spending quality time together?

Is your dog:

  • Pulling on lead
  • Failing to recall, maybe from very exciting things such as wildlife, dogs or people
  • Suffering from selective hearing? Understands what you are asking but seems to ignore you?
  • Digging up your garden, stealing socks, food, barking for attention?
  • Mugging you

Do you want:

  • To learn how to motivate your dog to listen and follow instructions
  • Interrupt and prevent unwanted behaviour without causing harm
  • To spend quality time together learning and having fun
  • Further development your understanding of canine body language so that you can support your dog for life

Then our 8 week Kennel Club Bronze course is perfect for you!

✓ 8 week Kennel course in a ‘real life’ setting where your dog can learn to listen to you over distractions that you would encounter when out and about together.

Small classes with a maximum of 8 dogs

 We follow the Kennel Club Bronze assessment criteria which upon successful test and completion you will receive a rosette and certificate to show off to all of your friends and family Kennel Club Bronze Award

 Free goody bag at your first lesson (Worth £10)

✓ Weekly email recaps and information sharing

 FREE access to our facebook training community

Our training is all about how to build a positive relationship with your dog so that you understand each other and can enjoy a magical life together.

Teaching you both with kindness and science-based methods in a fun way makes learning easy, enjoyable and effective!

£120 for 8 weeks at Gilston, Harlow

£120.00 inc. VAT


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