We take great pleasure in informing you that you have been accepted into Dogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Please report to Professor Dumbledawg upon arrival where the sorting hat will be waiting

Your term lasts 4 weeks and will educate you in the following areas:

– History of magic – luring, shaping, targeting, and capturing
– Potions – how to use reinforcers and rewards
– Muggle studies – the human side to training
– Charms – how to teach cued behaviour and spells
– Defence against the dark arts – teaching behaviours such as bow, leg weaves, roll over, high five, spin and send around
– Flying lessons – how to chain all the behaviours together to create a sequence which may include a broomstick!

Students that take part are required to showcase their learning within their designated houses before boarding the Dogwarts express home

You will need to source the following equipment to assist you with your studies:

– lots & lots of tiny treats
– water and bowl from home
– a mat/bed from home

£95.00 inc. VAT


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