You’ve always wanted a dog but finding the right balance between work, kids and providing the right amount of exercise and attention for a dog is tough. Seeking a dog walker is stressful; how do you know that you can trust them? Will your dog be safe?

At Nosey Barker we started our dog walking adventures because we noticed that many of the puppies training with us who were progressing brilliantly started to lose focus once they started visiting doggy daycare centres or walking with a large group of dogs.

All that training and hard work on recall, walking nicely on lead, appropriate greeting was lost and these puppies who were developing into fantastic canine citizens were becoming unruly, jumping up, running off to greet other dogs, people and not listening to their owners!

Dogs are social animals and like to interact with other dogs and people but just like us humans we have to learn what is appropriate and what is not.

Imagine if a stranger came over to you to say hello and gave you a very long and tight hug…… that would be uncomfortable for most people right?

The longer puppies and dogs are allowed to practice this behaviour the harder it is to change, so that’s why 1 year ago we started to offer walking adventures to our training customers. After achieving amazing results, producing polite, well mannered and appropriately socialised dogs we are now opening up our service to the wider community.

Here is what you sign up for;

  • Small group walks of 3 or 4 well matched dogs so they can enjoy spending time together
  • Staff trained in body language, socialisation, training, welfare and first aid to ensure your dog is safe and happy
  • Vehicles with air conditioning and fitted crates so your dog is safe
  • A specific doggie diary that we can communicate in
  • Facebook group with pictures and updates
  • Be part of a community that truly cares
  • Fully insured and licensed to use the local parks and community spaces

The adventures your dog will enjoy are not about pounding the streets mindlessly or having an out of control party with masses of dogs, they are;

  • Enriched adventures for all of their senses so that they are mentally stimulated and physically exercised
  • Appropriate socialisation and interaction with other dogs all under the guidance of qualified trainers
  • Practice of basic training such as recall, walking nicely on lead and being polite and well mannered so that you can enjoy walking your dog at the weekend
  • Learning new tricks such as finding scented articles, money or engaging in doggie parkour for mental stimulation and confidence building

The Nosey way supports and trains your dog to be the best they can be by providing equal amounts of mental stimulation and physical exercise. Did you know that 10 minutes of mental stimulation is equivalent to 1 hour of physical exercise? This approach supports and also promotes good behaviour for you to enjoy. So, when you take your dog for a walk they will have not picked up bad habits and the joy of walking them won’t disappear; instead you will enjoy a well rounded dog that has learnt to focus and behave in a way for you to be proud of.

We welcome dogs from Harlow and Sawbridgeworth and surrounding areas.

It takes a community to develop and train a dog.

£15.00 inc. VAT

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