Adding a puppy into your life is super exciting!

You may have been planning on bringing home your new furry family member for some time and we know from experience how much new owners really appreciate and need to have the support network of dog loving friendly experts reassuring them they are getting it right – and offering a helping paw when they hit a bump!

Thousands of puppy owners have benefitted from our expert advice; how to prepare, what to expect from your breeder and even what to do on the big day!

You want a magical life with your cute puppy, you want them to be social, friendly, well behaved so that you can enjoy the best friendship in the world.

We’re dedicated to supporting you every step of the way:

We understand puppies can be hard work – and it can be exhausting and tiring! We will work with you through all of these challenges so you get to fast track to the joyous bond and sense of adventure that only comes from sharing your life with a dog much quicker!

The wizardry of our online puppy school is the answer to all of your questions, concerns and training needs; all at the touch of a button in the comfort of your own home.

Online puppy school fits with your schedule and removes the headache of balancing work, home-life, children, hobbies etc. You can learn at your own pace, pause, rewind, re-watch, revisit and share with your whole family to create an effective and successful approach.

We are so passionate about helping you raise a social, friendly and well-behaved puppy, we even invite you to join our exclusive Puppy School community – a facebook group of like-minded puppy owners, who can help, support and cheer you on

What kind of puppy is Online Puppy school for?

  • For any age puppy below 12 months
  • Puppies mouthing/biting furniture, hands, feet and body parts
  • Puppies that appear to have selective hearing
  • Puppies that love learning
  • Puppies that struggle in traditional class-room settings
  • Puppies suffering with low self-control
  • Puppies who are shy, nervous or have low confidence
  • Over excited puppies

What kind of dog loving person is Online Puppy School for?

  • First time owners through to well experienced dog enthusiasts
  • People that want to progress and improve their pups training, focus and listening skills
  • People that want to be proud of puppy inside and outside of their home
  • People who want a magical bond with their puppy
  • People who want to use kind, science-based training methods to enhance their bond
  • People that would love the reassurance that what they are doing is right
  • People who long to be proud of their pup and enjoy adventures together
  • People that want fun and enjoy learning new activities
  • People who want to prepare for the arrival of their puppy

What is included with Online Puppy school?

  • Fast and easy access to a Trainer, in fact we are just at the end of a button! If you have a question or need advice, we are there to help you at a time you need it the most
  • 1 years access to over 60 easy to follow video tutorials, at any time of day or night, as often as you need so that the full family can be involved. View program library
  • Printable tip sheets, worksheets, and links to recommended support equipment
  • Live Q & A once per week to answer your burning questions in real time and provide you with additional tips, tricks, and trainer secrets
  • Membership to our supportive, fun and friendly community where you can share challenges, seek support and celebrate success for 6 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the Online Puppy School?

Once you have invested in the online puppy school you have a years access


How long do I have access to the Nosey Barker Puppy School facebook group?

You can enjoy access to the Academy for 6 months from the date of purchase.


Once I have purchased it how long before I can access it?

Immediate! You can start your learning journey the minute you complete your purchase through our checkout.


How do I join the Nosey Barker Puppy School facebook group?

There is a join button in your Online Puppy School Welcome video


What do the 60 video's cover

You can view what’s included in the course here.