The Nosey Barker Online Academy

Want the best online training for you and your dog?

Don’t have the time or live too far away to visit our fun, local classes?

Want to learn in bite sized chunks, at a pace that suits you, in the comfort of your own home?

Like the opportunity to watch expert videos from world renowned experts on a huge range of subjects and participate in weekly, online lessons?

Join Nosey Barker Academy to get special access to  world renowned, special guest speakers who are experts in their field, also weekly training lessons with Nosey Barker and support to help you with your dog training. Individual coaching and weekly lesson plans are also available.

Really Reliable Recall

Is your dog ignoring you, running off or chasing things when off lead?

Are you too frightened to let them off lead? Are you left feeling cross, frustrated or helpless?

Perhaps you’ve had a horrible experience and now are too worried to take the chance?

If you can relate to any of these points then you are in the right place. Our intense 10 week programme is the solution you need.

By signing up to our Really Reliable Recall online course you are taking the first step to a fuller and happier life for you and your dog.