Wonder walks II

Wonder walks II
A new course for graduates of “Wonder Walks” who want to ditch the title of “Glorified Poo Bag Carrier” and make walk time into play time.

So, you and your pooch have completed Wonder Walks, and already you've seen an improvement, not only in their behaviour when you walk together, but more importantly in the bond and understanding the pair of you have.

What next?

Picking up where we left off before, this course will give you even more hints, tricks and ideas about how to get the most out of the time you walk your dog.


  • 7 Fabulous new activities to get your dog walking with ease
  • Detailed sheets for each fun new activity for you and your dog to enjoy
  • Life- time access

Wonder Walks 2 offer won’t last long!

  • FREE dedicated community group for learning and celebration

  • Weekly coaching and LIVE Q & A

For a limited time only we are also offering some amazing prizes for three lucky people who purchase Wonder Walks 2.

Secure your place today! 

Course starts Thursday 7th January 2021 

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Wonder walks II


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