Puppy biting

Puppy biting


They’re only tiny, but with what feels like a mouth full of little needles….


….Having a chomp happy pup in your life is not what you were expecting!


And if it’s not your toes or fingers they’re nibbling at - Your shoes, clothes or even washing is getting attacked.


It’s safe to say, the long, magical walks, amazing companionship and deep bond you’d hoped for seem quite a long way off right now.


Plus you know you’ve got to get this sorted ASAP, before they get bigger and can do some real damage.


But how?

Don't worry - we’re here to save the day with our biting SOS course

And you're invited!

With the Puppy Biting SOS mini course you’ll discover:
🐶 How to stop your new bundle of fur biting and chewing everything they see
🐶 How to develop a strong mutual bond with your new pup
🐶 How you can enjoy cozy cuddles with your new friend, with no one getting nipped.
Plus loads more.
And, even better, all done in a completely cruelty-free way, designed to nurture your relationship with your pup.