Online Puppy school

Online Puppy school

Starting your new adventure the right way


The day has finally arrived! Your new bundle of fur is ready to come and live with you.

You can’t wait, you’ve longed for this day for ages. You’ve done your research, you made sure the breeder was reputable, you’ve got all the kit - a bed, toys, leads, a lovely collar. You’ve even phoned the vet and got them registered.

You’re excited to start your life with your new best friend.

But there’s one thing still concerning you…

How will I make sure the puppy is happy and well behaved?

You’ve seen friends and family struggling with a dog that wasn’t properly coached.

You saw the hurt and frustration it caused.

You saw their relationship with their dog was strained.

And you vowed that would never be you.

You understood that the pooch wasn’t to blame, they’d just never been shown a better way.

You said that your dog would be as content as possible, and your relationship would be amazing. 

But you knew that YOU would have to take responsibility for making that come true.

And come true in the right way. There’s no way you want to use cruel draconian methods to dominate or control your pup.

There must be a better way to build that perfect magical bond... 

But how?

Well, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.

Here at Puppy school we don't focus on ‘obedience’ because ‘obedience’ isn’t a relationship.

Obedience demands and punishes.

We teach life skills which help you train your new best friend in a calm way, fostering love and respect between mum and dog.

We work with you to build your confidence and make sure you know exactly how to calmly and kindly handle any challenging behaviour and leave you with a happy well behaved dog.

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Online Puppy school


Frequently Asked Questions
How long will I have access to the Online Puppy School?
Once you have invested in the online puppy school it’s yours to enjoy for life.
How long do I have access to the Nosey Barker Puppy School facebook group?
You can enjoy access to the Academy for 6 months from the date of purchase.
Once I have purchased it how long before I can access it?
Immediate! You can start your learning journey the minute you complete your purchase through our checkout.
How do I join the Nosey Barker Puppy School facebook group?
There is a join button in your Online Puppy School Welcome video
What do the 60 video's cover
You can view what’s included in the course here.