Amber Batson Puppy Power

Amber Batson Puppy Power
All about puppies

Professionals package

This is an online course that is delivered live via zoom. It will be recorded and you will be sent the recordings to access for 2 weeks after each module but please note this course is sold as a live course and your certificate will require your attendance or to catch up on the recordings.

There is a search facility on the recordings so that you can locate exact parts in the lectures of interest to you.
Module one 23rd & 24th October 2021
10am - 5pm

The puppy from conception to juvenile – what really affects behavioural development
Physical and emotional needs of the puppy (including attachment theory)
Body language development
Personality development – “temperament testing” how valid is it?
Weaning – the digestive system versus the brain
The role of play – human vs dog play
The early vet visits – practical ideas for health checks, vaccines, microchips
Preparing to move – introducing sights and smells of their new world including transportation

Module two 27th & 28th November 2021
10am - 5pm

Preparing the house for the puppy arrival
Introductions to other family members – people, children, dogs, cats etc
Bonding with new owners – can puppies over bond? How do we set them up to tolerate separations
Selecting puppy classes – socialisation versus training
Teaching the puppy – habituation, reward training, what else affects learning, observational learning (humans versus dogs)
Expanding their world – socialisation periods, enriched environments, introducing exercise and scent work
Module Three 18th & 19th December 2021
10am - 5pm

*The role of the dog professional “pre-purchase” and in organising puppy classes
*Assisting owners with puppy fear based issues – a detailed look at both the environmental effects and learning theory in relation to resolving fear issues
*Assisting owners with puppy separation related problems
*Assisting owners with puppy early onset aggression / resource guarding
*Compulsive disorders in puppies – a short section to raise awareness given these are less common than other behaviour issues
*The hand reared or caesarean born puppy, making the most of a difficult situation