Join our community of dedicated dog owners to take the guesswork out of dog training with access to uncomplicated video tutorials, tip sheets and bespoke coaching.


With weekly lessons you will expand your knowledge to train your dog for all occasions and all challenges.

Having a dog to be proud of, that listens and follows instructions, brightens your spirits, and opens the door to endless adventures.

Our fellowship will give you a whole new perspective on dog training and give you the confidence you need so you can enjoy your life with your dog, the way you dreamt!


The fellowship library includes:



What kind of dog is Fellowship membership for?

  • Dogs from 6 months old through to golden oldie’s
  • Dogs of all training levels from novice through to advanced
  • Dogs that appear to have selective hearing
  • Dogs that love learning
  • Dogs that struggle in traditional class-room settings
  • Dogs suffering with low self-control
  • Dogs who are shy, nervous or have low confidence
  • Dogs that have recently joined your home

What kind of dog loving person is fellowship membership for?

  • People that want to progress and improve their dogs training, focus and listening skills
  • People that want to be proud of dog inside and outside of their home
  • People who want a magical companionship with their dog
  • People who want to use kind, science-based training methods to enhance their bond
  • People that would love the reassurance that what they are doing is right
  • First time owners through to well experienced dog enthusiasts
  • People who long to be proud of their dog
  • People that want fun and enjoy learning new activities

What is included with Fellowship membership?

  • Fast and easy access to a Trainer, in fact we are just at the end of a button! If you have a question or need advice, we are there to help you at a time you need it the most
  • Live Masterclass once per month to answer your burning questions in real time and provide you with additional tips, tricks, and trainer secrets
  • New weekly training activities with bespoke and group coaching to ensure your success
  • Access to our extensive and easy to follow library of learning at any time, day or night, as often as you need so that the full family can be involved
  • Membership to our vibrant and friendly community where you can share challenges, seek support, and celebrate success
  • 20% discount to all our online and face to face training services


The Fellowship is currently closed for new intake but you can register your interest to ensure you are the first to know when we re-open


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Once you have signed up you are granted immediate access to our library and an invitation to join our exclusive facebook community group. Every week you get a new tutorial plus access to ask questions to our expert team. We are available to support you at a time that you need it the most.


Can I get specific help with my dog?

Yes, absolutely! You can post questions or even video’s in our friendly group and expect a response within 24 hours.


Am I locked in?

Absolutely not. We are positive you will love being part of our wonderful community and learn so much from training with us but we understand sometimes you need leave. You can cancel at any time through your account membership. It’s just a button to click.