Online Academy

Welcome to The Nosey Barker Academy, the home of expert online Dog training that makes training fun and stress free!

Whatever struggles or time of life your dog is at, we have the support and systems to get you back on track straight away!

Our Academy brings expert coaching right into the heart of your family life and home – all at a touch of a button – as fast as your broadband allows!

We have created specific and easy to follow courses and membership that provide you with qualified and skilled support so that you have simple yet practical solutions that fit around your lifestyle. This means you can spend your precious time doing the things you love rather than worrying about your dogs development and behaviour.

Our experienced coaches are on hand to not only help you choose the correct path for you and your family but to then show you the roadmap AND help you get to your destination which will be unique to you and your family.

We know you will love to be part of our community of like-minded owners who TRULY care about you and your dog’s training success, that you will wonder how you ever got along without us!

The Fellowship
Membership to our exclusive fellowship group has reopened, join our community of dedicated dog owners to take the guesswork out of dog training with access to uncomplicated video tutorials, tip sheets and bespoke coaching.
Online puppy school fits with your schedule and removes the headache of balancing work, home-life, children, hobbies etc. You can learn at your own pace, pause, rewind, re-watch, revisit and share with your whole family to create an effective and successful approach.
Really Reliable Recall Dog
By signing up to our Really Reliable Recall online course you are taking the first step to a fuller and happier life for you and your dog. You will be working towards off lead freedom, improved focus and your dog following instructions which will bring back the magic you once dreamed of!
This course will help you change that and allow you to enjoy spending time with your dog when out and about. It is perfect for any age dog from young puppy through to a golden oldie because you can adapt the exercises according to your dogs ability.