July 6th & 7th, 2019

We are delighted to announce that Puppy Power will be back for 2019.

Both days are dedicated to learning about puppies, covering early development, socialisation and age appropriate training. There will be a mixture of theory and live demo’s from some of the best in the industry including:

Sarah Fisher
We are exceptionally proud to welcome Sarah Fisher back to Puppy Power this year.
We are also very excited that Sarah will be sharing ACE (Animal centred education) with us all.
This 1 day workshop will focus on observations and Free Work and will also may include some of the TTouch techniques for the puppies we have attending.

Ace Blends Free Work, observations (posture, movement and nervous system responses) and quiet low impact movement lessons with TTouch which can help dogs settle, relax and learn. This combination of techniques can also enable dogs to recover more quickly if something does arouse or concern them.
ACE also carries credits towards your certification process

Jane Ardern

Foundation Skills for Working Bred Puppies
Meeting the needs of those high drive puppies
Jane Ardern BSc (Hons) Dip CABT, CAP2

As trainers we all know the importance of making sure you get foundations right and solid

Jane has 5 working cockers spaniels that she has trained to working in the field. Stig being one of the first positively trained cocker spaniels to achieve the Kennel Club working Gundog Certificate on Game. Jane has also bred and reared three litters of working cockers.

Through her experience, including some big mistakes, Jane will show you how to avoid the common problems experienced with these dogs such as lack of focus, over arousal, easily distracted and predatory behaviour. Using a emotion centered approach that looks at the whole dog, Jane will show you how to meet their needs during development.


1) What is appropriate socialisation and how you develop resilience
2) How to help a puppy become an effective learner using dependant and independent learning styles
3) How to plant seeds for future advanced concepts

Isla Fishburn

Exploring your dog’s functional character to support their wellness.

About the talk:

Canine wellness, improving and supporting the health, happiness and longevity of your whole dog, covers many subjects. One of these is the individual character of your dog and how your dog’s character, in part, can explain certain responses, emotional states and expectations. In a world where “we all learn the same” is becoming the norm, functional character is just one aspect that will show you just how different one dog may learn from the next.

Whilst there are several factors that can explain this, your dog’s functional character is one. From the naturally shy, nervous and suspicious individual, to the one who is happily running around after the leaves blowing in the wind, understanding the different functional characters, what they are, how they work and how to identify them in a litter can be one aspect of canine wellness and teaching that can enhance your relationship with your dog(s), or give you additional understanding of an individual dog that you are working with.

There is no better way to observe functional characters than when co-existing with two or more dogs from the same litter where there are more constants; they are taught the same, walked the same, socialised the same and live in the same environment. Yet, these dogs can have such striking differences in how they respond, feel and interact. This is functional characters working at their finest

Other speakers and special guests to be announced

Each day will start at 9.30am and finish at 5pm. Lunch and light refreshments are included in the ticket price

£235.00 inc. VAT


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