8 week Course

8 week puppy course plus 3 home visits (the first an hour and a half long and the follow up home visits are 1 hour long)

Once your pup has had their 2nd injection they may be 10-16 weeks old which will be very close to the end of an important development window (14/16 weeks).

During this development window, the experiences your pup has can really impact the way they react to the world around them. Joining classes as early as possibly really will help set your pup up for life and in addition, booking a one to one home visit is ideal to set your training up right from the word go.

Home visits are based around training you specifically want but can include:

  • Home/garden safety
  • Crate training
  • Toilet training
  • Recall
  • Focus
  • Food/diet
  • Biting/nipping/teething
  • Stealing things, like your socks!
  • Unwanted barking
  • Sleep arrangements
  • Collar and harness training/fitting
  • Confidence building
  • Transition from breeder to home

£300.00(for overall package)


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