Zen Zone

Zen Zone
An Oasis of Calm For Your Best Friend

We all know that sometimes life just gets a bit much for us. We just need some relaxation to get us back in top form.

Well it’s also true of our doggy friends too.

Sometimes they just need to go somewhere to chill out.

And that’s why we created “Zen Zone”

A magical place where mums can take their little furry bundles of joy for a bit of exploration and relaxation.

Based on private land it’s a safe place for you to bring your dog, away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. They’re free to explore with their noses and exercise their incredible sense of smell, fostering peace and calm.

With distinct areas:

Sensory garden – A self-selecting area containing plants and herbs for your dog to sniff or if they fancy they can even have a nibble! The plants are safe and are known to have calming or healing properties.

Sniffari – this area is changed every week to include new objects and scents for your dog to investigate. Your dog’s sniffing nerves are connected to the part of their brain responsible for processing emotions. By enabling positive experiences through sniffing your dog can feel good, happy and content.
Adventure – an area for your dog to explore different play equipment, heights and ways to use their body.
Sensory – different textures, materials and scents for your dog to investigate which includes puzzles for brain work.
It’s clear to see why people come back time and time again to slow down, chill out and enjoy sensory enrichment.
So if you and your best friend are in need of a slower day, book now!

£15 for up to 3 three dogs
Zen Zone

£15.00 per dog

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