training walks

training walks
A Perfectly Behaved Dog, all trained for you 

We understand

What with every day commitments or perhaps challenges you just wasn’t expecting you don’t have the time or expertise to train your dog yourself.

You want to spend quality time walking, playing and adventuring not negotiating how to train them.

But you also know that in order to have a happy, well behaved buddy they will need to be shown the way.

Quite the conundrum.

But what if there was an easier way?

A way that you could have beautiful walks without having to spend hours on end trying to train them and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

Well there is!

With our ‘Training Walks’ we will pick up your bundle of fur and teach them for you in a kind, cruelty free way, just what is expected of them. 

Imagine having a perfectly behaved pooch without all the strain.

Our highly qualified and experienced trainers will get results much faster than if you had to do it by yourself and of course this is what they are skilled to do!

Leaving you with a happy, contented perfectly behaved dog for life.
We offer three different types of training walks to cater for all dog and all training needs;
  • Puppy Training walks – Let us get your pup off on the right paw, we will cover socialisation, habituation, basic training and confidence building for you. No need to stress whether you are doing it right!
  • Training walks Life skills – is your dog pulling your arm off, distracted by a flying leaf, refusing to recall? Or not quite mastered good manners and listening skills? Then our life skills package is ideal for you
  • Training walks + -  Perfect for dogs that are nervous nellies, refusing to walk, are excessively barking, meerkating or growling. Your dog will be looked after by a behaviourist and trainer to ensure we get the results you are looking for