Dog Walking Adventures

Dog Walking Adventures

Taking the strain, when you can’t.

Picture the scene:
You’re working, with LOADS on your plate to get done.

But there’s something gnawing away at you. Right now, at home your favourite four legged friend is on their own.

You never meant it to be like this.

But situations change and now you’re busy all day. And you feel bad about it.

You can’t bear to let work down, but you feel like your letting you’re dog down, and it feels horrible

And now you can’t keep your mind on your work for worrying about them.

There MUST be a better way.

Good news, there is!

Dog Walking Adventures is truly a unique experience for your pooch. 

Not just any old Dog Walking service, we provide:

Confidence that the care you are paying for is premium - meaning that you can rest assured that your best friend is getting the very best care and love.
Enrichment and fabulous adventures whilst you are busy

Small group of 4 (maximum) so you know that your dog is getting lots of attention while you can’t be there

Pick up and drop off

State of art vehicles and crates for safety with air conditioning

Fully qualified trainers 

A fully insured service

A variety of different locations 

Digital and paper diary updates - so you can read all about your dog’s adventures

So if you want to know your furry friend is in the best possible hands, getting high quality exercise, mental stimulation and generally having the best time while you can’t be there?

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