Separation Anxiety By Malena DeMartini

Separation Anxiety – Mission Possible


We are absolutely delighted to welcome Malena to Nosey Barker for this 2 day workshop aimed for canine enthusiasts and professionals. 


Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th run 10-4 each day at the the gorgeous Harlow Town Park. 


This course is an amazing opportunity to learn from the absolute best and be coached on day 2 to write and develop your own support plan. 


As the title suggestions this course will reveal the not commonly believed fact that indeed resolution of separation anxiety is truly possible.


Separation anxiety wreaks havoc on dog and guardian alike. The suffering the dog endures is apparent in every heart-wrenching howl, yet we cannot forget about the deep worry and frustration that the guardians experience as well. Dogs are destroying their homes which become quite costly to repair, landlords are issuing final warnings concerning the barking problems and tension runs high when one more vet bill rolls in after the dog has hurt himself in yet another escape attempt. These are all too familiar scenarios and there are many others.


It is estimated that at least 17% of the dogs in the United States suffer from separation anxiety and we are seeing newer figures that indicate this number is likely an underestimation.


Separation Anxiety is not easy to resolve but it is simple in many ways and help is at hand for trainers and guardians.


Advances in technology, new ways of thinking about support, and a structured approach to creating separation anxiety plans have turned a nearly impossible task into a doable one with successful resolution of even the most severe separation anxiety cases being attainable.


Limited numbers to support maximum learning


Lunch and refreshments provided FREE


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