Dog Aggression for Animal Professionals with Amber Batson

Module 1 26th and 27th January

Module 2 9th and 10th March

Module 3 27th and 28th April

Limited to 35 attendee's 


The course is aimed at people working professionally with dogs who regularly give advice to owners of potentially aggressive individuals, eg. dog trainers, behaviourists and vet nurses/vets.

Topics covered include types of aggression, physiology of aggression, learning theory, medical problems affecting aggression, basic behavioural pharmacology, impact of procedures such as neutering, aggression and welfare, and successful client interactions.

The course is a class-room based course, offering up to date scientific knowledge combined with its practical application. This is achieved through the course by combining lectures with video illustrations and multiple group exercises and case studies to work through. All scientific references are given during the course, and each module has recommended reading books to assist with further learning and information consolidation.

The course assumes a basic understanding of behaviour knowledge which includes an up to date awareness that dog aggression is rarely influenced by 'dominance', and that positive reinforcement based training is considered the more effective and ethical choice when working with individuals with behaviour problems.

Total course (all 3 modules) £450

Early bird places available but limited £395


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