Puppy Course

Puppy Course

Puppy Course

8 week course

This Class is held at Gilston (cm20 2rd) on Sundays at 10am & 12:30pm. Open to dogs/pups under 6 months. For More information see the course description below.

£120.00 (for overall package)

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Course Description

Once your pup has had their 2nd injection they may be 10-16 weeks old which will be very close to the end of a development window (14/16 weeks). During this development window the experiences your pup has can really impact the way they react to the world around them. Joining classes as early as possible really will help set your pup up for life! We take a holistic approach to training and will discuss areas such as food, neutering, grooming and enrichment.

Our classes cover:

Building a positive relationship

Learning your pups body language

Managing behaviour

Basic cues such as sit, down and stand

Walking calmly on a lead

Reliable recall

Following instructions


Good manners such as not jumping up or mugging for food

Fun behaviours like tricks and scent work


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