Braided lamb chew

Braided lamb chew
  • 100g Braided Lamb Skin (Approx 10 Sticks) 6" Inch Natural Dog Treat
  • Made from just one single ingredient- top quality lamb. No additives, no preservatives nothing! Grain Free - Gluten Free - Wheat Free.
  • Great for small & medium dogs & those dogs with missing teeth or sensitive Gum's.
  • The 6 Inch Braided Lamb Skin Sticks are a cheaper, softer alternative to our bull Pizzle sticks, Made from 100% Lamb Skin, your Dog will enjoy this long lasting, tasty, healthy, meaty, natural chew!
  • Here at JR Pet Products we responsibly source these Braided Lamb Skin Sticks from Europe ensuring premium quality.

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