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Celebrating Spring With Your Dogs

25/03/2021 - Advice

Our top tips for spring time activities to enrich your dogs’ lives.
Spring is always a joyful time of year, but with lockdown lifting and the weather improving, spring 2021 seems more joyous than ever.
Here are our top tips for a safe and fun filled spring 

  1. Stay safe! Learn which spring flowers and Easter treats could harm your pets
  2. Dog proof your garden
  3. Discover new enrichment activities for your dog
  4. Find new places to visit with your pets
  5. Explore the Zen Zone - it’s especially helpful for reactive dogs

Keeping pets safe in spring time
I love spring, but of course every season has its downside. Before I start celebrating the joys of warmer days, longer evenings and less mud, I just need to remind everyone that not everything we love in spring, is good for our pets.
Spring lambs - gorgeous! But if your dog worries any farm livestock the consequences could be heartbreaking. Keep your dog on the lead around sheep, cattle, pigs, horses or any livestock. If loose lead walking is a problem for your pooch, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, Nosey Barker is here to help.
Easter treats - a delight for humans, but potentially toxic to our pets. Please don’t leave chocolate within your dog’s reach. The same applies to hot cross buns and simnel cake. Eating dried fruit can destroy a dog’s kidneys. It’s crucial that you contact your vet ASAP if your pet manages to pilfer and eat something he or she shouldn’t.
Seasonal plants - some common garden plants are potentially deadly to dogs. Buttercups, foxgloves, hyacinths, azaleas, onions, snowdrops and bluebells are NOT for chewing.  Theres a more comprehensive list of toxic plants on the Dog’s Trust website - I’ll post a link at the bottom of the page
Is your garden secure? Nearly every pet parent I speak to is understandably worried about the current state of dog theft. Before you start enjoying your garden more with your canine companion, it’s a good idea make sure that your outside space is secure and avoid leaving your dog unsupervised outside.

Fun enrichment activities for you and your dog
Now that the weather has improved, pets and their parents will be hoping to spend more time out of doors…. I know I am! It might be a while before we can enjoy a good pub walk with the dog but there are still lots of fun activities you can enjoy in the garden.

  • Scatter feeding - Scattering kibble on the patio and lawn encourages your dog to really use their favourite body part - their noses. You can adapt this into a treasure hunt or even teach your dog to be a scent detective. They love it and so will you!
  • Sensory adventures. Does your dog love digging? Invest in a sand pit for your garden, it will help them burn off their energy in a safe zone. Or how about a paddling pool? Dogs love splashing around in water. It might be a bit chilly yet for us pet parents to don our cozzies and join them, but we can arrange apple bobbing (no pips!), retrieving and other water games for our pets. A ball pit is fun too - especially when there are doggy treats hidden in it!

Going out and about with your dog
If you’ve not managed any adventure walks with your pet for a while, you might feel you need to brush up on some of your dog training techniques. Nosey Barker Dog Training can help you improve your dog’s recall, loose lead walking and impulse control. Call us today to find out how our training walks and socially distanced training sessions can help you.
A safe space for your dog to explore
Have you heard about Harlow’s very own Zen Zone for dogs? It’s an amazing space that can be tailored to your dog’s tastes. Securely fenced and available for exclusive hire, its ideal for dogs that have low confidence, need somewhere safe for training or just want to “hang out” with their human family.
If your dog is reactive to other dogs, worried by people then they would love our Zen Zone. There’s no need to worry about disturbances (which is also a big relief for pet parents!) and the “sniffari” area is the perfect place to celebrate the arrival of spring.
Click here to discover more about the Zen Zone.  https://www.nosey-barker.co.uk/face-to-face/zen-zone/
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