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Free dog training course to help enjoy walks more

02/11/2021 - Advice

Do you struggle to manage your dogs behaviour whilst out walking? Nosey Barker has created a free dog training course just for you.

For many people going on walks together was one of the things they most looked forward to when they welcomed a dog into their home. Unfortunately, the walks people dream of dont always become reality.

Perhaps your dog is a puller? As they have grown they have become too strong for you to walk comfortably without feeling like one arm is going to end up 6 inches longer than the other.

Maybe your dog is nervous or over excited? and spends a lot of your walk barking earning you disapproving looks from your fellow walkers.

A common dog walking worry is recall. Nobody enjoys experiencing that awful thing when your dog disappears from your side the second the lead is unclipped. It's awful when your canine companion would much rather run around with other dogs or chase wildlife than walk with you. Im sure everyone has seen the famous "Fenton" clip.

Wonder Walks from Nosey Barker - a free course to help you enjoy walks more.
After hearing from so many people about their struggles to enjoy walkies with their dog we wanted to do something proactive to help. We launched our Wonder Walks course. Shortly after the course was made available, the world changed with the Covid19 pandemic.  Which prompted us to offer the Wonder Walks course for free. Over 3000 people have now benefitted from the course.

What does our dog training course involve?
Wonder Walks is an online course with a set of activities to teach your dog.  Activities are designed to build your relationship and help to solve the common problems that stop people having fantastic walks. For each activity, our team has created an online tutorial showing you how to get started at home. Then, as part of your tutorial, the trainers from Nosey Barker demonstrate how to take the activity outside to enjoy on your walks.

To test the effectiveness of the training course, we ran a weekly theme on each activity in our free online training community. The feedback from pet parents was fantastic!

By working their way through the training course, lots of people reported that their dogs were listening better on walks. Their pets were able to ignore things that would have previously triggered unwanted behaviour.

As a bonus, we also find that when you work on your relationship with your dog by using things like the activities in Wonder Walks, that the joy spills over into other parts of your relationship with your dog. Without a doubt, life can get better all round.

Since the first Wonder Walks course we have added Wonder Walks 2.  We're also working on Wonder Walks 3, which is in the pipeline to be released in the future.

Why not see how Wonder Walks can make your walks more wonderful?