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Award Winning Trainers share Top Tips for a well behaved puppy

25/04/2023 - Advice

It’s never too early to start training your pup! As award-winning dog trainers, we have some tips that will help you and your furry friend create a strong bond of trust and respect. Here are my top 3 tips for successful puppy training:
Tip One – Set Your Puppy Up To Succeed: Give your puppy the opportunity to make the right decision by arranging your home in a way that prevents unwanted behaviour. Such as popping shoes out of reach. If you give them proper supervision and direction, they will be less likely to engage in behaviours that can be challenging and you will have more opportunity to praise and reward the good choices they make.
Tip Two – Have Realistic Expectations: Your pup is still learning, so it's important to have realistic expectations when it comes to their behaviour. It's normal to have moments of frustration, but it's important to stay positive and remain consistent with your training.
Tip Three – Build a Positive, Trusting Relationship: Training your pup is more than just teaching them behaviors - it's also about building a trusting relationship between you and your furry friend. To do this, make sure to be patient and consistent with your pup and make sure to give them plenty of love and affection, building a positive relationship is far more important than 'obedience' training in the first few weeks. Where there is trust, good behaviour will follow.