Getting the right equipment can be fun but also daunting.

We have put together a list of of items that we recommend for all your dog walking adventure.



There are lots of choices when it comes to collars, things to consider are the weight and size compared to your dog, the type of clip it has to secure it to your dogs neck. When your dog is wearing the collar it needs to fit close to them but you should still be able to fit 2 fingers between the collar and the dogs neck.

The law currently states that a dog should wear a collar with an id tag, This means that if you use a harness then you should still have a collar for you dog.

If walking your dog on a lead and collar instead of a harness we like the ezydog double up collars, apart from being nice they have 2 rings that you clip your lead to as extra protection if your clasp were to fail for any reason.


Id tag

It is amazing how much a dog tag can affect the dog, the jingle from a dog bowl, the constant noise when the dog moves around. The noise can cause discomfort in many dogs. We recommend a flexitag, the tag fastens to the collar preventing any noise.

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We recommend a 6ft training lead, this give your dog space to move around, enables you to have a nice smile in the lead. Plus you can shorten it using the clips when you need to (road walking for example)

We also need to think about the clip on the lead, some clips can be very heavy and can be uncomfortable for your dog. We recommend for small dogs the Ezydog vario 6 lite lead as it has the smallest clips. For all other dogs we Love the Perfect fit leads because they are sturdy, feel nice to hold and come in an array of colours.



Long Line

Don’t forget a long line for your training needs, great when you are starting off and want to give your dog some more freedom, also great if you are at a new location your dog may find difficult. 5 meters is a nice length. We also have a biothane alternative which are stronger and wipe clean.



There are a huge range of harness out on the market, we have had and used a fair few over the years! We recommend Perfect fit. We use the perfect fit for all our dogs that wear harnesses, the modular design allows a snug fit, doesn’t go over the dogs head and is also difficult for escapologist dogs to get out of.

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Treat bag

Taking a good treat bag out on your walk for all your dog’s tasty treats is a must, we have used many over the years and prefer the Ezydog snack pack pro. You have a space for treats, poo bags, keys and other things you may want to carry on your adventures.



When the weather is hot or not it is still a good idea to take some water with you for your walks, for you and your 4 legged companion. These come is all shapes and sizes so we have put a few of the ideas we like.




Its always nice to have something to pull out and relax on while you are out with your dog. You could put it down in a beer garden for your dog to relax on while you enjoy a spot of lunch, use it for training  and training classes.




No time out with your fury friend is complete without some enrichment, we have put a few of our favourite things you can use while out with your dog. Why not find a quiet area, pull out your blanket and have some time together.