About Us

Nosey Barker Ltd was founded by Kim Kaye who has worked with dogs for over 12 years. Kim along with her team are passionate about delivering reward-based, scientific and successful training.

At Nosey Barker we understand that not all families want to compete at Crufts in showing, agility or obedience, but we also know that families do want a well-mannered dog that they can enjoy spending time with. For over 12 years Kim has worked with dogs and in this time she has learnt that building a strong bond between a family and a dog is key to a successful relationship. It is this knowledge, experience and training that forms a golden thread throughout the school and has become the Nosey way.

We are proud to use reward-based methods to train every dog, but this doesn’t always mean using food or treats. Just like with humans there can be a variety of rewards that can encourage a repeat behaviour, perhaps shoes, holidays, money, a hug or praise. This scientific approach has been proven as effective and far less likely to lead to any behavioural problems.

Our group classes are mainly taught at our outdoor location where the dogs are able to get used to all the normal distractions they would encounter when out on a walk with you. We call this real-life training, we coach you to be able to connect with your dog and ask for appropriate behaviour when out and about in your community. One of the reasons our success rate is so high is because we offer small group classes; puppies and beginners have a maximum of 6 dogs and all other classes a maximum of 6 too. This means everyone has some individual time with our qualified trainers and are able to ask questions specific to their dog and their life.

Sometimes our canine pals need a different type of support to group classes, we are pleased to help you with private tuition and behaviour modification. We have a team of experts that are qualified and passionate about improving any difficulties you and your dog may be facing.

At Nosey Barker we take learning very seriously and are proud to continue to train and use the most up to date, scientific and kind methods. We are proud to host like minded trainers, behaviourists and leading professionals offering continual professional development to dog enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Kim Kaye
Kim Kaye, a canine professional for over 10 years, is doggedly obsessed with the bond between dog and caregiver. It is this Jedi focus on the dog-caregiver relationship upon which all of her training techniques and activities are taught. Equal to this is her passionate, unapologetic insistence that training be fun, real, enriching and kind. Kim is the Founder and Director of Nosey Barker Dog Training based in Essex. She is fully qualified with IMDT (The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), LLA (Living and learning with animals), FFTT (force free trick trainer), Talking Dog Scentwork Instructor, Dog Yoga and Superdogs (assistance work). Kim is also a qualified Dog Groomer, microchip technician and fully DBS checked and clear. Kim shares her life with 5 Miniature Schnauzers and her husband Ryan, co-director of Nosey Barker.
Rachel Gallimore
Rachel has a degree in bioveterinary sciences with a 3rd year focus on behaviour. She has had dogs since childhood and currently spends much of her time finding new ways to entertain her 2 collies. Rachel has been training her own dogs with Nosey Barker for the last 18 months. You will find Rachel as a moderator on the online community spreading enrichment ideas and helpful product reviews.
Callie Dennis
Callie, being passionate about all things canine, trains her own dog with Nosey Barker and together they are working their way through the Good Citizen awards. She has a keen interest in dog showing and you will regularly find her at Ringcraft classes and dog shows with her Chesapeake Bay Retriever Bella. Together, they qualified for Crufts 2019! Other interests of Callie’s include Canicross. She also has a full, clear DBS check.
Hellen Wheeler
Helen is a practising Brain Injury Case Manager, having originally qualified with a Bsc (hons) in Occupational Therapy back in 2007. Having enjoyed her personal journey rescuing a troubled Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and more recently sharing her life with a cheeky Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, she has ignited a passion for all things canine, and decided to further her studies. Helen has recently commenced the advanced diploma in applied animal behaviour with compass education. She hopes to bring along her wealth of experience and skills of working with patients and their families, and anticipates that coupled with growing canine behaviour knowledge, she will be able to offer a truly bespoke, well rounded and evidence behaviour service to our Nosey Barker clients.
Michelle Mercer
Michelle is a serial rescue dog mum and has worked in rescue for more than 8 years, since herself adopting a wonderful Lurcher with behaviour difficulties who set her on a journey of discovery and learning, and rekindled her childhood passion to work with dogs. 
She has encountered a vast range of behaviours in rescue and has a wealth of experience working directly with dogs, as well as providing support, training and behaviour advice to volunteers, staff and adopters. Having travelled both routes of the rescue journey herself, she has empathy and compassion for people, as well as dogs. 
Michelle has seen at first hand many times over how gently guiding and teaching a dog activities can help build their confidence, optimism, decision making skills, and can reduce reactivity. All this, AND it opens communication and creates a wonderful bond and connection between dog and human. This is what drew Michelle to Nosey Barker, for her own dogs, and to become part of the team. She spends her spare time with her rescue Jack Russell cross, Barney, doing scentwork, trick training and relaxing on sniffaris.