Experienced Dog and Puppy Trainers

We are Nosey Barker – a team of experienced, passionate dog and puppy trainers. We believe responsible dog keeping begins with a unique bond between owner and dog.

Our satisfied dog owners take part in fun classes, based in Essex with a wild bundle of fur and leave with a well behaved dog or puppy.Our expert trainers focus on responsible dog keeping, which is why most owners chose our training for their new pet, as they want a happy and contented dog they can be proud of.

Popular Online Courses

Online puppy school fits with your schedule and removes the headache of balancing work, home-life, children, hobbies etc. You can learn at your own pace, pause, rewind, re-watch, revisit and share with your whole family to create an effective and successful approach.
Really Reliable Recall Dog
By signing up to our Really Reliable Recall online course you are taking the first step to a fuller and happier life for you and your dog. You will be working towards off lead freedom, improved focus and your dog following instructions which will bring back the magic you once dreamed of!
This course will help you change that and allow you to enjoy spending time with your dog when out and about. It is perfect for any age dog from young puppy through to a golden oldie because you can adapt the exercises according to your dogs ability.