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We are Nosey Barker, a team of passionate dog and puppy trainers.

We believe that responsible dog keeping begins with the unique bond between owner and dog.

To us, Training is as much about behaviour as it is learning about each other.

People come to our fun classes in Essex with a wild bundle of fur and leave with a well behaved dog or puppy .

Our trainers focus on responsible dog keeping which is why most people choose our training for their new pet. They want a happy and contented dog they can be proud of .

Occasionally we have dogs come along that have learned certain unhappy behaviours that cause issues for their owners.

Behaviour issues we can help to solve include:

Jumping up at strangers
Acting aggressively towards people or other dogs
Pulling on the leash
Damaging things in the home
Fear of noise such as fireworks.

But not everyone comes to us to solve a 'problem'. Many people are loving dog owners who want to build a closer, more understanding bond with their new puppy .

This is why most people agree that some sort of puppy training is a good idea because it starts them on a path to good behaviour early in their lives.

We help people learn about not only their new puppy but also how their actions affect their new dog. We also teach them how to maintain the training after they complete their course and return home.

Our puppy classes cover a wide variety of activities, such as:

Building a positive relationship
Learning your pups body language
Managing behaviour
Basic cues such as sit, down and stand
Walking calmly on a lead
Reliable recall
Following instructions
Good manners such as not jumping up or mugging for food

If you do want a more formal approach, our range of puppy packages are tiered according to the level of close one-to-one attention your puppy will receive. Bronze Silver and Gold Packages are available as well as basic in 'group' sessions. These are conducted on a routine basis at various locations mostly on the borders of East Herts and Essex.

But we recognise that people are busy.

Rather than signing up for 8 week classes many people choose to start out with one of our one-to-one sessions. These can be a good introduction to training for both you and your beloved pet and are very informal and conducted in your own home which is more comforting and familiar for a Dog.

Other fun courses that you might consider for your dog include:

Scent Work

And many others. Including advancing to Kennel Club Certification through the good citizenship dog scheme.. Please see our 'what we offer' pages for more information.

Our dog and puppy training covers locations in Essex but also East Herts and is centered on Gilston near Sawbridgeworth and Harlow.

Check out the rest of our site and if you have a question please get in touch, we'll be delighted to help.

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